Atlas, The Next Generation

A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is ...
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ATLAS- An autonomous heavylifting multicopter project

ATLAS is a flying multicopter that can carry, and drop off, heavy items to places without the need for a ...
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What Was The Military’s Secret Shuttle Doing In Space?

The military's shuttle X-37-B Orbital Test Vehicle landed back on Earth this week. What has it been doing in space ...
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Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot Moves Like a Donkey on Rollerblades

We got our first glimpse of Boston Dynamics’ newest robot about a month ago after footage leaked from a presentation ...
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New EU Laws Forecasting Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence

Yes, in February 2017, this month, the European Union Parliament voted on a set of rules in an attempt to ...
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ATLAS robot walking in a forest

Boston Dynamics ATLAS robot walking over debris and in a forest. Commentary by Professor Marc Raibert, co-founder of Boston Dynamics ...
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KrystalKnutson age9 MSL Curiosity Rover Launch 20111126

This video was taken at the MSL Curiosity Launch by Krystal Knutson, age 9. The Curiosity Mars Rover was launched on ...
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Shape by Atlas, The First 24/7 Fitness Coach by Peter Clement Li

A Personal Coach Anywhere, Anytime: New workouts daily + real-time form guidance based off your activity, sleep, and progress. About this ...
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CERN Underground in 3D

A fifteen-minute stereoscopic 3D virtual tour of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and its four main experiments - ATLAS, ...
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Budowa domu część 3. Strop i konstrukcje żelbetowe. Wykonanie zbrojeń stropu

KURS DVD - ....Zacznę od najszerszej grupy, którą stanowią Inwestorzy. Jeśli spełniłeś moją prośbę na początku i przeczytałeś komentarze po lewej ...
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