Combination Air and Water Cooling System Artificial Lungs and Heart/Bladder Design

In this video, I run through my designs for an artificial lungs system that will draw in fresh air through the nose and circulate that air throughout the robot’s body. Vent lines will then expel hot air from the body through the nose. In addition to this, ice cubes will be stored in the lungs in a mesh bag and these ice cubes will cool the air entering the robot. The ice cubes will be ingested through the mouth of the robot. He will swallow them. In addition to this air conditioning system, he will also have a liquid cooling system in the form of a artificial heart/bladder that will pump water throughout the robot’s body. Just like the heart, it will have arteries and veins for bringing fluid away from the heart and back to the heart. During the passage of the fluid throughout the body, it will deposit small amounts of water onto key locations via little holes in its piping. These deposits will make certain waterproofed electronic parts coated in cotton cloth become moist – which will cool these parts based on the principles of evaporative cooling. In addition to this, heatsinks leading from electronic parts can tie directly from the cooling pipes to the electronics enabling transmission of heat like a water cooling system in a pc or a car engine. Finally, in this video I added an additional bonus feature which is to run this water cooling system down through the lungs and have the water pass through the ice stored in a mesh bag within the lungs. This way the liquid can be cooled quickly and provide additional cooling to the air passing through the lungs through additional surface area of ice and water that the air will pass through and additional evaporative cooling. Plus, the air itself will cool the water. So the water will cool the air which will cool the robot and the air will cool the water which will also cool the robot. And the ice will cool them all as well. So this cooperation between every different method of cooling will result in a magnification of the various cooling effects and result in a robot with unprecedented heating and cooling management capabilities. Also, the best part is that these systems will be extremely lightweight and small in volume – which means we will not have any heavy compressors or condensers to worry about lugging around inside the robot’s body. The ice is readily available to the robot at any kitchen freezer and any fast food restaurant that sells ice water. So it is a great consumable choice and practically free. Plus, when the robot is only doing mild activities in a cool room, the ice can be no longer added as he won’t have a need for it.
As a side note, all of this ice melt off will need to go somewhere and evaporation will not get rid of it quickly enough on a hot day when he needs to just keep chugging ice every 5-10 minutes. For this reason, the robot will use his heart/bladder to pump water down a pipe leading to his “ken doll lump” where he will pee out the water.

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