Machine Intelligence: What Happens When Devices Take Over the World? #OCSummit17

Software is being trusted to make subjective judgment calls in high-risk scenarios. What technological advances enabled this explosion of Machine ...
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Nokia 3310 Stole Samsung’s Show | MWC 2017

Nokia -- via current brand owners HMD -- delighted fans by unveiling the revived 3310. Although we had already heard ...
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MythBusters – Hurricane Windows – Trailer Trashed

Did you survive Superstorm Sandy? We want your story to be part of ours. In a Curiosity Special, Discovery examines America's ...
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Curiosity ha encontrado en Marte un objeto Extraño Nuevo objeto extraño en Marte no dejan de aparecerser misterioso objetos source ...
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Exploring Curiosity–Part 2: The Other Science Instruments

Emily Lakdawalla continues her tour of Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, at the Jet Propulsion Lab. This time she ...
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Curiosity Mars Rover Drills on Pahrump Hills

Curiosity drills at Mt. Sharp. NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has collected its first sample from the base of Mount Sharp ...
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Hablando sobre los 7 Exoplanetas de Trappist

Estaremos @CdeCiencia, @Fisicalimite, @EfectoXalamito, @DrawCuriosity y @JoseJPriego puntualizando algunos detalles sobre el notición: 7 exoplanetas descubiertos en una estrella a ...
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Asimov’s Predictions From The 60s Are Spot On

In 1964, Isaac Asimov made a number of predictions about what life would be like in 2014. And prepare yourself, ...
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Mira cómo fluye el viento en Marte – Curiosity – Marzo de 2017

El viento es una fuerza que transforma los paisajes del planeta Marte. Curiosity ha estado observando recientemente torbellinos de polvo ...
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What Was The Military’s Secret Shuttle Doing In Space?

The military's shuttle X-37-B Orbital Test Vehicle landed back on Earth this week. What has it been doing in space ...
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