A NASA felicita o 2014 e fai repaso do 2013 neste espectacular vídeo

A NASA felicita o 2014 facendo resumo do ano 2013. Este foi un ano moi especial para a axencia espacial ...
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What Happens If We Give A.I. The Ability To Remember Everything?

Google's DeepMind AI has a memory and is using it to play video games! What does this mean for the ...
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Do Ghosts Exist? Exploring the Paranormal

According to some studies, a whopping third of Americans believe in ghosts. So Laci Green decided it's time to look ...
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La NASA Mantuvo Ocultas Estas EXTRAÑAS Imagenes Sobre Nibiru o planeta x 2017 – 2017

Uno de los últimos exoplanetas descubiertos, bautizado con el nombre de Kepler 63b, confirma la existencia de cuerpos planetarios cuya ...
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ultimas imagenes de MARTE por robot curiosity Febrero 2017 – 2017

ultimas imagenes de MARTE por robot curiosity Febrero 2017. Últimas fotos y datos del planeta Marte enviados por los robots de ...
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Science Communication At TubeCon + Two Updates

I had the unique opportunity to be a featured and invited creator the very first edition of TubeCon in Spain, ...
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Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

Team members share the challenges of Curiosity's final minutes to landing on the surface of Mars. source ...
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Nieuwe missiedoelstellingen voor Marsrover 2020

De Amerikaanse ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA gaat in 2020 opnieuw een wagentje naar Mars sturen. De broer van Curiosity probeert te ontrafelen ...
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The Robotic Exploration of Venus

Goddard Space Flight Center and its Wallops Flight Facility (GSFC/WFF) conducted a Helicopter-based flight simulation of how a future probe ...
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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Looks Back on Murray Buttes (360 View)

This 360-degree panorama was acquired by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover while the rover was in ...
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