Fallout 4: The Treasures of Jamaica Plain, Billy the Kid & DOGMEAAT NO- | R69 (Fo4 Funny Moments)

It’s more amazing than you could ever Imagine..
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(what do you expect it’s a fallout series called Rocket 69)
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All mods here (Mods authors not specific as some are uploads by different people so sorry if I got the names wrong be sure to tell me in the comments below)

So the Ion Nuclear Warheads is down at the bottom

(Just copy and paste the names into the search in future episodes I’ll give direct links – It is now the future & I have decided I will not)

[PS4] Mini Nuke SMG by DevilDawgDdawg (epic name btw)
[PS4] SimpleGreen by ANDREWCX
[PS4] Get All Perks by mttprc11
[PS4] OP Weapons by Jims89
[PS4] Outfield Retreat – Player Home by TheRealEleanora
[Ps4] Barge Town by ArougeModder
[Ps4] DrakenVale Manor by SlacksNawfside
Rad chickens and rabbits in commonwealth by Ska001
[PS4] Giant Dogmeat by ToastyNugget (I particularity like this name :3 )
Prewar Sanctuary PS4 Edition by Reaper28852
Bush Fort by roas
Camp 35 (World Space) by Acctiviti
Cannibal in Concord (PS4) by T9x69 Heh heh 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vanilla Moon (4x) [PS4] by PoppaMcNikap
Zombie Walkers (PS4) by joefor
Portable Nuka Jetpack For PS4 [PS4] by langnao
Revamped Playable Ghoul mod by cebius
OP Ring by popeyetyty
HoloCassettes! Holotape Music [PS4] by HawaiianGamers360
[PS4] Geek’s Tweaks by lamanise
The Wasteland Mouse by seabass559
The Wasteland Giant by seabass559 thank you seabass 😉
Sam the Molerat by PraxisCod01
Flooded world ( TEST ) by seabass559 😀 Lot’s of cool mods by seabasss
(Mostly) Dry Wasteland WIP by seabass559 😀
Random Changes to NPCs… Some are funny [PS4] (btw best mod ever) by AtoM_FiRRe
Jetpack Ring, armour and Gadget Mod by Zegranm33 (note: could crash your game at this time)
Jumper 1.5 x Vanilla PS4 by HighFlyer
Custom Radio Stations [PS4] by Comiconomist (he’s a scientist)
Diamond City Entrance Clean Up by TardisTraveller23
[PS4] Giant Enemies by ToastyNugget
Enemies Mixer BetaV0.3 Wz by Wozey
Brighter street lights by Race4it2
Mysterious Bunker PS4 by gnomesgamr
Mini-Nuke Grenade by DarkTodd
Jake’s Mod Max stats and some perks by LOBjake98989
The Earth Day by MrSkinskull
Clockwork by MrSkinskull
One Punch Man by MrSkinskull
Hellsfire Weapon by OFFICER_ERIK
Tree House player home by Killshots2
NPCs Travel [PS4] by skyquest
FingerBlaster (giggidy) byMrSkinskull (btw I added the giggidy)
Merry Christmas Mystery Gift (Base Game) by djpudz
Ion Nuclear Warheads – PS4 by DarkTodd
Loaded Loading Screens [PS4] by PoppaMcNikap
(best mod ever btw)
Custom Playable Children (PS4) by Mephy-Kuns
Player – Human Child (PS4) by Mephy-Kuns (both these mods must be installed for it to work)
Lite Sword by Scientist711 (sound added by me)
PS4 Mr. Tato Head By Random.Encounter
(Best Face preset mod out there ppl)

Enjoy playing these great mods!