Icub, the human robot

ICub is a small humanoid robot designed by the RobotCub consortium in 2006, composed of several universities throughout Europe. The ...
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iCub Robot Learns Objects using an Artificial Neural Network

In this video an iCub humanoid robot is learning the name of new objects. The learning is based on self-organizing ...
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Intrinsically Motivated Learning of Goals in a Humanoid Robot

Supplementary video material for the paper "Intrinsically Motivated Learnt Goals Boost the Achievement of User's Goals in a Humanoid Robot" Seepanomwan, ...
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Robots Pepper: socially with a human touch. Characteristics and News.

Robots Pepper: socially with a human touch. Characteristics and News. A new generation of robots are being designed to learn human ...
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Child robot can be taught just like a human 4-year-old

iCub is an open-source robot, so it can be used to learn anything, like balance, object recognition, grasp, and crawling. Read ...
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Robot grabs ball

The robots are Nao and Icub source ...
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torqueViewer – visualizing joint torques in iCub

The torque viewer is a GUI that can be used to visualize the joint torques of iCub as a whole ...
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iCub – Preliminary results on iCub stand up motion – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) Dynamic Interaction Control (DIC) Francesco Nori Stefano Dafarra Francesco Romano Daniele Pucci Silvio Traversaro Gabriele Nava IIT Video Production Video editing: D.Farina source ...
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Las leyes de la robótica de Isaac Asimov

Lee el post aquí: Fuentes: Top 10 Robot más avanzados: Nao Robot: Comercial Honda: Kuratas: iCub: HRP-4C: Tráiler Yo Robot: Tráiler ...
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Robust Visual Tracking with a Freely moving Event Camera

The iCub follows the moving target using event-based cameras. A novel event-based particle filter tracks the ball position at over ...
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