Online Body Schema Adaptation based on internal mental simulation and multisensory feedback

Authors: Pedro Vicente, Lorenzo Jamone, Alexandre Bernardino For more details see the following reference: Abstract: In this paper, we describe a novel approach ...
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IoT-LAB ICube Multi Robots

FIT IoT-LAB multi robots demo @ ICube/Strasbourg site. source ...
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FIT IoT-LAB Robots Deployment

FIT IoT-LAB Robots deployment @ ICube/Strasbourg site. source ...
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Pressure control using tactile sensors

This video shows control of pressure using the tactile sensors on the fingertips of the iCub. The robot exerts increasing ...
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iCub Humanoid Robot

iCub humanoid robot playing a game of pong in real time with a participant. The game is projected on the ...
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Inventos y descubrimientos futuristas – 31 ideas para tu cómic

31 Ideas para tu comic son una serie de videos en los que trataremos de ayudarte en tu proceso creativo ...
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Toward Intelligent Humanoids [HD]

Toward Intelligent Humanoids | iCub 2012, it is made by Tomás Donoso and the IDSIA Robotics Lab, a research lab ...
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iCub performing highly dynamic Tai Chi while interacting with humans

This video shows the latest results on the whole-body control of humanoid robots achieved by the Dynamic Interaction Control Lab ...
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R1 il ROBOT UMANOIDE presto nelle nostre CASE

Video dell'IIT: Intervista per LeScienze: Articolo Repubblica: Video Giroscopi/Accelerometri: Video Pelle Artificiale: Video iCub (feat Rick duFer): ****** CONTATTI: Pagina FB: ...
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