PTC Windchill-PDMlink 11.0 su Experience Case iCub | TECNO-LOGICA

Dott. Alessandro Bertagna, Processes and Methods Team Leader of Parametric Design Suisse Sagl, shows in demo Windchill PDMLink 11.0 on ...
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Giorgio Metta, vice scientific director dell’ IIT. | TECNO-LOGICA

Ing. Giorgio Metta, Vice Scientific Director of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Director of iCub facility department, opens our event ...
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IoT & AR su Experience case iCub | TECNO-LOGICA

Stefano Rinaldi, General Director of PTC Italy, explains the development of products and services in the era of the Internet ...
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Implementing Torque Control with High-Ratio Gear Boxes and without Joint-Torque Sensors

"Implementing Torque Control with High-Ratio Gear Boxes and without Joint-Torque Sensors" by Andrea Del Prete, Nicolas Mansard, Oscar E. Ramos, ...
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Online Body Schema Adaptation based on internal mental simulation and multisensory feedback

Authors: Pedro Vicente, Lorenzo Jamone, Alexandre Bernardino For more details see the following reference: Abstract: In this paper, we describe a novel approach ...
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IoT-LAB ICube Multi Robots

FIT IoT-LAB multi robots demo @ ICube/Strasbourg site. source ...
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FIT IoT-LAB Robots Deployment

FIT IoT-LAB Robots deployment @ ICube/Strasbourg site. source ...
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Pressure control using tactile sensors

This video shows control of pressure using the tactile sensors on the fingertips of the iCub. The robot exerts increasing ...
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iCub Humanoid Robot

iCub humanoid robot playing a game of pong in real time with a participant. The game is projected on the ...
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