Iran made fighter plane Qaher F 313 taxi test آزمایش تاکسی جنگنده قاهر اف ۳۱۳ YouTube

remember Iranian qaher-f313? it’s on the testing sequence now , first taxi testing like other normal procedure of a fighter jets all around the globe. this is the good answer for those mockers ,I mean those who criticize the latest achievement of Iranian 5th gen qaher F313 and call it an illusion, despite you filthy Americans,Iranian does not lie about their capabilities ,and don’t like to magnify it. it will fly in about 1 or 2 years later after testings are done. its a close range low altitude combat supporting stealth fighter jet,it’s ammunition is under the main body like F35,the 2 engine of this fighter is 100% made in Iran “owj engine”