Robot PetMan de Darpa – Desarrollo completo #Boston Dynamics

Bienvenidx a INVENTIVA, el canal de la ciencia y los inventos más modernos. Disfruta de los vídeos y ¡no olvides ...
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PETMAN Robot Walks, Sweats Like a Human

The latest in robot technology is PETMAN, an anthropomorphic prototype developed by Boston Dynamics. The developer is best known for ...
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Next generation robot Supersized humanoid 2017

Next generation Supersized humanoid robot unveiled in South Korea. A South Korean robotics company has unveiled their prototype of a giant ...
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PETMan, il robot per prove di guerra

Help us caption and translate this video on Mezzobusto meccanico, cammina a 5 chilometri l'ora in modo fluido e ...
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Biped Mech robot walk on different surface

Programming the biped robot I made a walk able to move over uneven surfaces with excellent stability Mech PETMAN wired robi Italia Tag: system ...
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ТОП 10 роботов Boston Dynamics. Лучшие современные роботы мира. | HI-TOPS.

Роботы компании Boston Dynamics самые быстрые, самые устойчивые и самые страшные #роботы в мире. Гениальным инженерам удалось создать не только ...
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Upcomming best Earth Future technology on google

Top 5 Best New Future Technology Smartphone and Smart Things upComing in 2017- 18 YouTube brief Glimpse into best Future ...
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Top 10 Best Future Flying Cars 2017, 2018 YouTube

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Best future homes technology’s and gadgets

Today's cutting-edge technology will help us build better home's for tomorrow. What kind of homes will we live in in ...
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Best future homes technology’s and gadgets – 2

techrax, most, test, torture, new tech 2016, things you did existed 2016, cool things in 2016, best inventions 2016, 2016 ...
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