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QuadBot – Make Your Own Robot

Link to the site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/engimake/quadbot-real-robotics-made-accessible?ref=category_recommended

About this project

QuadBot is a 3D Printable, programmable walking robot.

QuadBot was created so that anyone can get into Making Robotics! It’s super engaging and fun to program, but it’s also open source and loaded with complex algorithms, making it ideal for:

Newbie makers
Aspiring roboticists
Veteran hackers

The best way to learn? Have an idea and then make it real. See what makers have come up with!

QuadBot can walk, dance, light up and with sensors it can follow you, avoid obstacles, play songs… anything is possible!

But the real value is the open-ness of QuadBot. Rather than limit you to only a few behaviours, we’ve opened up the entire code and design so you can hack it to do anything.

That means if you want to learn basic robotics, you can follow our standard guide, but when you’re ready to activate super maker mode, you can break-out and use QuadBot to explore robotics.