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RCO Technologies is a subsidiary of the largest seating development company in the industry, and are continually at the forefront of vehicle seating design and testing technology.

In this video RCO Technologies demonstrates Robostand – A software product developed by RCO Technologies as a way to provide companies an in-house option to test their products, prototypes and parts. RCO Technologies’ Robostand product comes as three separate modules: First, the comfort module uses a FANUC R-1000iA/100F robot to perform a test that collects data on the firmness and compression of an automotive seat, giving the customer an objective view of the comfort of their product. This test can be performed on a variety of products where comfort is a priority. Robostand allows for the test to be performed in two hours vs. the two days required for non-robotic equipment. Testing can also be done inside of vehicles versus having to take the seats out of the vehicle, mounting them onto fixtures, and then performing the test.
The second module – durability testing with the Robostand-equipped FANUC robot – can be performed on virtually any product where repetitive movements are needed. The main purpose of this Robostand test is to analyze hinged portions of the vehicle’s interior and exterior, but it can be applied to any product that has moveable parts. Traditional durability testing requires elaborate systems that use pneumatic and/or hydraulic cylinders, which waste valuable setup and takedown time. Not only is Robostand able to obtain data more efficiently than these complex traditional setups, it does so with vastly improved accuracy and repeatability. The modules consist of the necessary software and hardware along with a FANUC robot.
Finally, the ingress/egress testing mimics a human entering and exiting a seat. It is meant to show the wear and tear of such a movement repeated thousands of times, using the versatile FANUC R-2000iB robot for testing. The Robostand Ingress/Egress Module can test multiple seats at one time reducing setup and run time compared to traditional ingress/egress systems.
RCO Technologies is an NI Alliance partner and solely uses National Instruments equipment in their products. RCO has worked with all major motor vehicle Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, as well as defense and aerospace industries providing custom engineering, manufacturing, and testing solutions within the seating and soft trim sector. For more information on Robostand, please visit