Robot Arm Control with Human Arm Interface

Human arm control of a Staubli TX40 using TCP and Arduino as an ADC. This was a challenge I set for my robotics class in the General Engineering Technology (GET) program at TriCounty Technical College.

– Human arm position information is collected using 3 potentiometers.

– Arduino converts the analog data from the pots to numbers.

-The numbers are scaled and the joint position information is converted to a string of numbers.

-The string of numbers representing joint positions are sent to the Staubli robot via Ethernet using TCP.

-The position information is parsed from the string and sent to the proper axis using the move joint command.

Although much information about Arduino Ethernet communication is available online Staubli documentation on TCP communication is very difficult to find, especially examples, so much experimentation was needed to get things right.

Wireless is next and so is a webpage robot interface with webcam feedback.

Using an Arduino and TCP is a great way to get analog data into a Staubli controller.

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