Robot’s Delight – Japanese robots rap about Machine Learning

“Robot’s Delight – A Lyrical Exposition on Learning by Imitation from Human-Human Interaction”

This was our video submission which won Best Video at the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI 2017).

Authors: Dylan F. Glas, Malcolm Doering, Phoebe Liu, Takayuki Kanda, Hiroshi Ishiguro

Lyrics and music production: Dylan F. Glas

Video editing: Malcolm Doering

Thanks to Jason Lim for his help with robot choreography.

Select video clips (c) 2016, IEEE. Reused, with permission.

For details about the learning-by-imitation research, see our 2016 IEEE Transactions on Robotics paper:

Phoebe Liu, Dylan F. Glas, Takayuki Kanda, and Hiroshi Ishiguro, “Data-Driven HRI: Learning Social Behaviors by Example from Human-Human Interaction”, in IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 988-1008, 2016.

Author’s preprint:

This research was supported by the JST ERATO Ishiguro Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Project.