SIGGRAPH 2003 Special Session: The Android Dreams – Stan Winston

Robotics: The Android Dreams Special Session

The session included presentations by Stan Winston (Stan Winston Studio), Cynthia Breazeal (MIT Media Lab), Robert Ambrose (NASA Johnson Space Center), Helen Greiner (iRobot Corporation), and Masahiro Fujita (Sony Digital Creatures Lab). The presentations presented an overview of several robotics projects, though not necessarily of the entire state of field of autonomous robotic systems.

The first presentation was by Stan Winston, who documented the sophisticated use of animatronics in the motion picture industry. Stan described the process of making these animatronic wonders. He explained how robots could aid an actor, because the “best acting is reacting”; thus realistic robots go beyond special effects to make realistic interactions. He explained that this was not his sole reason for collaboration and that even if the research were not productive, “it would be the coolest thing.”