Single-line Robotic Palletizer for Two Product Sizes, Multiple SKUs – Motion Controls Robotics, Inc.

Single-line robotic palletizer:

FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Motion Controls Robotics has built a variety of single-line palletizers utilizing FANUC’s industry-leading line of palletizing robots for many satisfied customers over the years. This example of a single-line palletizer was designed for a company wanting to palletize two different product sizes and multiple SKUs. A FANUC R1000iA/80H palletizing robot with a zoned vacuum gripper is used to pick the product.
Safety fencing surrounds the cell with entry gates equipped with safety interlock switches. Areas around the conveyor have light curtains to detect if the robot area has been entered.
This type of robotic cell is designed to be compact, and allows the manufacturer to expand the footprint to include another infeed line if needed. Single-line robotic palletizers can be used to palletize a variety of product types including¥ cases
¥ wrapped product
¥ rolls
¥ bags
¥ plastics
¥ cans
Here the conveyor positions the product so they line-up on the build station. Once the build station has lined-up 6 packs the FANUC palletizing robot picks the product with the zoned vacuum gripper. Based on the selected product size, the FANUC robot stacks the product in the correct pattern. This robotic palletizer has given the manufacturer more space and more flexibility in their end of line packaging. To learn more about FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Motion Controls Robotics please visit